A screenshot of Ariel speaking to camera through a video chat.

Disabled, Not Disposable: Ariel

“I've seen a lot that concerns me, both the message that we should just, you know, take one for the team basically, that's kind of horrifying." - Ariel Henley on how disabled people are feeling about Coronavirus.
A screenshot of Tinu speaking to camera.

Disabled, Not Disposable: Tinu

Listen to disability activist Tinu Abayomi-Paul on what happens when we start valuing people based on whether they’re “productive members of society.”
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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information, Response, and Planning for Washingtonians

This page will be updated as more information is made available. Last Updated: March 30, 2020   It’s important to take steps to protect yourself from COVID-19 and prevent further spread of the virus if you do become sick.