Vanessa and Anna accept award from Puget Sound Sage

Rooted in Rights Wins Three Community Awards for Authentic Advocacy

In 2019, Rooted in Rights received three awards in recognition for our groundbreaking storytelling on transportation and access. See what these community organizations are saying about our work!

Puget Sound Sage 2019 Vision for Justice Award

“Over the past year, Rooted in Rights has added a critical lens to many of our program areas, including our transit, climate, and housing work. Within our climate justice work, Rooted in Rights has helped us think through how disability intersects with climate change, emergency preparedness, and energy policy in our research and organizing, which strengthens our ability to more effectively organize and create policy that centers the needs of those most marginalized in our society.”

Transportation Choices Coalition 2019 Hall of Fame

“Rooted in Rights is a disability rights advocacy nonprofit making our transportation system work for everyone. Rooted in Rights was a critical partner in our Don’t Block the Box work on enforcing intersections and bus-only lanes in Seattle to improve pedestrian safety and keep people and transit moving.”

Downtown on the Go Transportation Innovator Advocacy Award

“Eighty-one percent of Pierce Transit Riders are dependent or semi-dependent on transit and the stories like the ones being told by Rooted in Rights articulate the urgency and importance of a connected transit system.”

What this means to Rooted in Rights:

Because of the stigma around disability, it’s difficult to go into spaces that haven’t traditionally included this lens. Some of the things that we need are complicated or hard or expensive – or just things that nobody in that room has thought about before. So we want to thank Puget Sound Sage, Transportation Choices Coalition and Downtown on the Go for being so open to including us in their work. Because the world that we can fight for together is a world that is better for our communities – poor people, working people, for immigrants, people of color, and those of us with disabilities. And it absolutely makes sense to include us – and as more than just props – we need to be at the table, in elected office, fighting with you for the accessible, transit-inclusive future we all dream of.

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