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How Proposed Changes to Public Charge Will Make It Hard to Immigrate with a Disability

Immigration is already an expensive, difficult process for anyone—but it might soon become even harder for immigrants with disabilities. In October 2018, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a rule change to existing laws surrounding immigration known as public charge.
Quote by Kate Ryan: "I am a piece of china with a large chip – I am broken but I am whole.  I am a body that functions as best I can." To the left is dark blue porcelain mug with white polka dots. The mug is chipped.

My Disabilities Make Me Both Broken and Whole

A dichotomy is defined as a contrast between two things.  It is two stones with a gulf between them, two planets on opposite sides of the sun, two opinions, two political parties, two opposites.  And in my case, one person. …
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15 Autistic Activists You Should Follow This Autism Acceptance Month

It was around late 2012 or early 2013 when I first stumbled across the #ActuallyAutistic community online. Before I found the community, my ideas about what it means to be autistic came from my personal experience or from limited and
The words Autism Awareness made from vintage lead letterpress type. Over the word "awareness" is the word "acceptance" in bold red letters.

Autistic People are Taking Back Autism “Awareness.” It’s About Acceptance.

As a joke a few years ago, I posted on April 2 (widely celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day), “I think you’re all aware, but I’m autistic.” I was sick of seeing photos of non-autistic people on fundraising walks for
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Autism and Homelessness: The Real Crisis

Contrary to much media spin, autism is neither a tragedy nor a looming public health crisis. Autistics have always been here and research over the last decade has shown that while diagnosis has increased over time, the actual percentage prevalence…
logo of ASAN, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Video explains Autism and welcomes members into the Autistic community

Note: The policy of Rooted in Rights is to use person-first language; However, identity-first language will be used in this article, as a reflection of the wishes of ASAN. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has created a video welcoming Autistic…
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Florida passes bill to protect people with autism when being interviewed by the police

Florida will soon become the first state to implement protections for people with autism spectrum disorders in police interrogations. Under the Wes Kleinert Fair Interview Act [PDF], signed by Governor Rick Scott on April 1, people with ASD will…
Director Alexandra Shiva, with podcast play button

Check out Episode 5 of the Rooted in Rights Podcast: Autism and coming of age with documentary director Alexandra Shiva

Our guest this month is Alexandra Shiva, whose work in the film industry is spreading understanding of what it means to be a young adult with autism. Shiva speaks with us about her recent film How to Dance in Ohio,…
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Focusing on the realities of aging with autism

In recent years, more attention than ever has been focused on people on the autism spectrum. There has been a rise in the number of young people diagnosed, which is a result of a variety of factors, including an increase…