VIDEO: Keep Building Jackson

Dr. Scott Crawford of Jackson, Mississippi, is on a mission to fix the #CrappyCurb ramps in his city.

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#CrappyCurb cuts in Colorado

Dr. Scott Crawford’s Top seven ways to tackle #CrappyCurb cuts:

  1. Get involved. Visit, and consider joining your city’s ADA Advisory Committee. Connect with your local Center for Independent Living and your state’s Protection and Advocacy Agency
  2. Contact local officials. Contact the ADA Coordinator of your city or to a City Council member. Speak during the public comments of a City/County Board meeting.
  3. Document everything. Take photographs of the Crappy Curb, preferably with you in it, showing the impact. Use these photographs in your meetings, on social media, and with your press contacts.
  4. Use the press. Write an Op/Ed or reach out to local media outlets that may wish to do a story.  
  5. Protest If necessary, rally your allies and consider a peaceful protest.  
  6. When all else fails, take legal action. The last option is a lawsuit.
  7. Don’t give up. EVER.

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