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Our region needs more wheelchair accessible taxis

September 13, 2019

Dear Mayor Durkan, 

Currently there are only fifty wheelchair accessible taxis (WAT) to serve our 2.2 million residents of King County. 

WATs are an essential piece of our transportation network, but customers often have to wait more than an hour because of the lack of vehicles. People who do not use wheelchairs have substantially faster access to on-demand transportation. Yet this problem is easily remedied with more WATs. 

Currently, there is a ten-cent Wheelchair Accessible Services (WAS) fee on all Transportation Network Company (TNC) rides used to subsidize WATs. This was created to support Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs because Uber and Lyft do not provide wheelchair accessible transportation in King County. 

With the explosion of unlimited TNC vehicles, coupled with the extremely controlled supply of WATs, this fund has grown. We strongly believe the WAS fund should be used to increase the number of WATs on the road, to ensure there are sufficient vehicles during times of peak demand, and to increase service in non-peak times from 7pm-5am, when few WAT drivers are on the road. 

Last winter, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was released for 25 new WAT medallions – each complete with a hearing loop for hard of hearing customers – but those medallions have been delayed for five months. It is imperative to get those additional WATs on the road, and then to immediately begin the process for an additional 25. We recommend adding at least 25 new WAT medallions each year to ensure wheelchair users have access to essential transportation services.  

We look forward to your prompt action on this issue. 


Disability Rights Washington/Rooted in Rights

Hearing Loss Association America – Washington State


Seattle Adaptive Sports

Studio Pacifica

The Arc of King County

The Here and Now Project

Transit Riders Union

Washington ADAPT West

Washington Civil & Disability Advocate


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  1. The lack of WATs in the area is a big issue, and when coupled with the fact that drivers are not obligated to honor reservation times, it makes using them a very stressful experience. The only way I can get a cab to show up to my home resonably on time is if I tell them I’m going to the airport, and sometimes they forget to ask while I forget to tell. I’ve had to spend $100s in last minute overnight terminal parking fees because if I waited any longer for the WAT to arrive, I would have missed my flight, and I’m one of them lucky ones who has access to a personal vehicle. Is RIR working on anything to bring attention to the no-guaranteed reservations policies the cab companies have as well?

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