Victory! Seattle City Council Passes Resolutions that Will Increase Access on Our Sidewalks and Intersections

Clark points to giant posters of snow covered streets
Photo Credit Dixin Yan

On September 30, the Seattle City Council approved two resolutions to make our sidewalks and intersections safer and more accessible for disabled folks, and more usable for all pedestrians!

The first of the two resolutions to address problems identified by the MASS Coalition (in which Rooted in Rights participates) directed the Seattle Department of Transportation develop policy options for the maintenance of existing sidewalks, create a public education program on snow and ice removal responsibilities, and develop a program to enforce snow and ice removal requirements by private property owners.

The second resolution directed the Seattle Department of Transportation to develop a new signals policy to ensure that pedestrians of all ages and abilities can cross our streets safely.

These victories were a response in part to a Rooted in Rights initiative in which people like DixinConrad and Carol shared their stories in advocacy videos, and the dozens of other folks who shared their stories online about their experiences with sidewalk access and in last winter’s snow emergency.

Thank you! Together we can make our communities more accessible, inclusive places!

Photo Credit: Dixin Yan @DixinYan

Anna Zivarts is the program director of Rooted in Rights and a low-vision mom who can't drive. She joined the Rooted in Rights team from Time of Day Media, a digital media cooperative she co-founded in 2010. At Time of Day, Anna produced digital video for the Innocence Project and Fight for 15, and lead searches for the ACLU in Kansas and Wisconsin to find citizens disenfranchised by voter ID laws. Twitter: @AnnaZivarts