Rachel watches a DO-IT Scholar edit a video on an iPad.

Rooted in Rights Team Highlights from 2019

“I enjoyed working with folks in our Storytellers programs and disabled youth through our various community partnerships. I am excited that we are creating more robust, hands-on training experiences for both of these groups.”


“I enjoyed being able to work with the National Council on Independent Living to produce a 10-part sex-ed video series for and by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We covered: what sex is, what gender is, what a healthy relationship looks like, how someone can get pregnant, and how to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases and infections.”


“I’m really proud of the work we’ve done on the Parenting Without Pity Project. From podcasts and blog posts to our presentation at the annual National Council on Independent Living conference, I’m excited that these resources are out there to empower parents with disabilities and non-disabled parents of kids with disabilities.”


“I’ve gotten to share, advocate, and learn with so many cool people doing awesome work. One of my most prominent collaborations was with Noela Luka, a Kenyan documentary filmmaker who came to work with Rooted in Rights in May. We came up with a storytelling workshop for people with mental health disabilities, like us, back in Nairobi. Working with Noela in Kenya we trained participants to produce their own advocacy videos on mobile phones. I also got the opportunity to present on accessible media strategies at Netroots in Philly! I’m also really proud of the poetry collaboration video “A Blessing All My Own” written and performed by Angela Lemus-Mogrovejo and Claudia Castro Luna.”


“I’m particularly excited about how our transportation access work has allowed us to build relationships and work in broad, and sometimes unexpected coalitions with community groups, unions, environmental and transportation advocacy organizations, bringing disability into conversations where it previously hadn’t been included, to achieve real and meaningful change. Watch our mobility justice videos and check out our list of victories!”


“My favorite project this year was definitely our Don’t Block the Box video, where we teamed up with Transportation Choices Coalition to support legislation to allow traffic enforcement cameras. Although the bill didn’t pass, our message about pedestrian safety got out there – our video was even on the NEWS!”


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