VIDEO: The Right to Your Graduation

It’s the New Year, and that means we are just about six months away from graduation. Graduation is an exciting time to celebrate all of our accomplishments, but what if you can’t attend your own graduation because you have a disability?

Cuquis Robledo, our Storytellers Coordinator and recent college graduate, is back with a new video about her graduation experience, and with tips on how students with disabilities can advocate for themselves to participate in their own ceremony.

Share this video with students with disabilities and with your local university so they’re students don’t have to go through the same issue that Cuquis did.

**Note/Disclaimer from Cuquis Robledo:**  While this video is supposed to give advice and tips to empower future graduates on how to advocate for themselves in this situation, that does not mean that the school or university are excused for their actions and can just get away with it. Schools and universities should be held accountable for segregating students with disabilities from their peers during graduation. My school should’ve come up with a Plan B incase it did happen to rain so I could attend my big ceremony with all of my friends. And it was not just the disability office that let me down; the commencement office and the athletic department are both responsible for this situation.

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