Call for Storytellers!

Do you want to learn how to create your own disability advocacy video? Submit your application for the Storytellers series by Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Storytellers Series

The Rooted in Rights Storytellers series aims to increase authentic representation of people with disabilities, cultivate emerging creators and activists, and promote accessible social video as a form of activism. People with disabilities script, direct, film, and edit their own disability advocacy video with training, support, and equipment from Rooted in Rights. Learn more about our Storytellers.

Storytellers is a three (3) month program that will begin in November 2019 and conclude in February 2020. The Storyteller will create one 2-3 minute video and will receive a $1,000 stipend in recognition of their work.

To align with the mission of our parent organization, Disability Rights Washington, we will be focusing our search for stories in Washington state this year. Anyone in Washington state who identifies as disabled, has an interest in disability advocacy through digital media, and can commit to the program requirements is eligible to apply!

To increase the direct impact of the Storytellers series, Storytellers will be expected to work with a partner organization. The Storyteller will create an advocacy video that connects their personal story with a larger disability issue and aligns with their partner organization’s mission statement, goals, and/or priorities. Partner organizations should also expect to help the Storyteller promote their video once it has been launched. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to their partner organization beforehand to discuss their ideas for this opportunity. Having a partner organization is not required to apply but will strengthen your application. Rooted in Rights can help identify and facilitate a partner organization upon acceptance to the Storytellers program.

Submission Video

To apply for the Storytellers program, please complete and submit the form below. Please note that you will need to send Rooted in Rights a short submission video (under three minutes). This video can be simple and casual–no editing necessary! We will be focusing on the ideas you share, rather than how the video itself looks. You can film this video with your phone, your laptop, or any other device you have on you. We recommend uploading your video on YouTube (make sure that it’s set to Public or Unlisted). You can also email your video to

In your submission video, please address the following:

  1. Briefly introduce yourself.
  2. Briefly explain your proposed vision for your video.
  3. What is the larger disability issue you want to cover and your personal experience that relates to it?
  4. How would your video topic tie in with your community partner’s mission, goals, and/or priorities?
  5. What are you hoping to gain from becoming a Storyteller?

Selection Process

Applications will be collected and reviewed by an internal review team from Rooted in Rights based on:

  • Feasibility of proposal
  • Originality of video topic
  • Impact of the Storytellers program on the Storyteller

Applicants that are selected for the program will be notified on October 3, 2019. Rooted in Rights will publicly announce our new Storytellers on October 10, 2019.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • You will not be required to disclose your specific disability; however, your application will signify that you consider yourself a person with a disability. People with mental illnesses or chronic illnesses that identify as disabled are welcome to apply.
  • You are not required to have formal advocacy experience or prior experience producing digital media.
  • You must commit to fully participate in the program and meet all deadlines. Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request to ensure full participation. Time commitments include training sessions and weekly check-ins. Communication between the Storyteller and the Rooted in Rights team will primarily be through video calls, phone calls, or email.
  • Partner organizations can be based anywhere in the U.S. They do not have to focus on disability rights but must serve the community in some way. Partner organizations include but are not limited to: non-profits, clubs or groups, coalitions, and educational/professional associations.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to request reasonable accommodations as part of the application process, please contact Rooted in Rights at or call (800) 562-2702.

Storytellers 2019 Application Form

Deadline: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Project Type(Required)

Rooted in Rights exists to amplify the perspectives of the disability community. Blog posts and storyteller videos that we publish and content we re-share on social media do not necessarily reflect the opinions or values of Rooted in Rights nor indicate an endorsement of a program or service by Rooted in Rights. We respect and aim to reflect the diversity of opinions and experiences of the disability community. Rooted in Rights seeks to highlight discussions, not direct them. Learn more about Rooted In Rights