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In October 2019, Rooted in Rights collaborated with Mental Voices Africa through the Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment to offer a storytelling advocacy workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. These advocacy videos were scripted, filmed, and edited all on mobile phones by the participants in a matter of days! These advocates have lived experience and are working to reduce stigma, improve access, and develop community for people with mental health disabilities.

Nicholas Odhiambo Osir has a BA in Philosophy. He is a Mental Health survivor meaning he got better over time, developed great coping mechanisms and is not always on medication. He is passionate about self-advocacy on Mental Health issues in relation to drug and substance abuse, especially among the youth. He often engages young people where they feel comfortable in their neighborhoods, places of worship and public places to spark conversations around mental illness. He is working towards being a public speaker based on his personal experience. “I’m a giver of hope to those who have succumbed. A winner of the toughest and roughest battle.” -Nick

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This video is a product of a mobile phone storytelling workshop conducted by Noela Luka, Chairperson Mental Voices Africa, and Allexa Laycock, Editor Rooted in Rights. Initially supported by The Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment.

The Professional Fellows program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and implemented by the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, the Institute for Community Inclusion for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston and Humanity and Inclusion.

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