Rooted in Rights exists to shares disability stories by disabled people. Our storytellers collection features different video projects, initiatives, and collaborations with disabled storytellers. These storytellers collaborated with Rooted in Rights to share their own stories, self produce their own advocacy videos using mobile phones, or shared their stories in podcast format. We hope you watch, listen, read the transcripts of, and share the stories of our disabled storytellers!

Featured Collections

  • Mental Voices Africa

    Mental Voices Africa

    Mental Voices Africa – Advocacy Storytelling on Mobile Phones Rooted in Rights has partnered with Mental Voices Africa to promote international advocacy for those of us with mental health disabilities. In October 2019, Noela Luka, Chairperson for Mental Voices Africa, and Allexa Laycock, Editor for Rooted in Rights,  led the first group of participants in…

  • DO-IT Program at UW

    DO-IT Program at UW

    DO-IT Program at UW Rooted in Rights partners with University of Washington’s DO-IT Program to train disabled youth how to write, shoot and edit videos to tell their own stories. The DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities through technology and education. It promotes awareness and accessibility—in both…

  • Parenting Without Pity

    Parenting Without Pity

    Parenting Without Pity Parenting Without Pity is a storytelling project where disabled parents draw from our own experiences of disability to help parents be better allies for their disabled children. In the series, we ask disabled parents about their own childhoods and what they wish their parents would have known. We also ask how they identify…