The Right to be Rescued


“The Right to be Rescued” is a short documentary that tells the stories of people with disabilities affected by Hurricane Katrina. Released days before the 10th anniversary of the storm, our goal is to make emergency planners aware of the specific needs of people with disabilities and push them to alter their disaster plans to make sure those needs are met.

About the film

On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina chances are good you won’t hear about the enormous impact this disaster had on people with disabilities. So, we went to New Orleans and asked people with disabilities what happened. The answer was simple and sad: There was no plan to rescue them. During Katrina, people with disabilities were denied the right to be rescued. It’s time for change, and you can help. You can use this video to create change for future disaster planning. Show it to your local city council, your county government, or the person who handles evacuations at your school or business.

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Official Selection: Revisioning Recovery Film Festival 2019

Official Selection, Revisioning Recovery Film Festival, 2019

Official Selection: Social Justice Film Festival 2019

Official Selection, Social Justice Film Festival 2016

Advocacy Award: Superfest International Disability Film Festival 2019

Advocacy Award, Superfest International Disability Film Festival 2016