Sam speaks to camera while seated in his wheelchair.

DO-IT 2020 – Samuel

People with disabilities should be able to go everywhere non-disabled people can go. Accessibility is important, in every country!
Woman stands next to bike

Disabled People Ride Bikes (and Trikes, and Tandems and Recumbents)!

Created for NACTO's Bike Share and Cities for Cycling Roundtable.
two broken ecalators

Sound Transit: We Need Working Elevators and Escalators!

Broken Elevators and Escalators on Sound Transit make the system inaccessible for disabled transit-riders.

Congress: Ensure Disabled People Don’t Lose Access to Our Communities

We must ensure that transit and paratransit services receive the support they need, so that for those of us who cannot drive or cannot afford to drive can still access school, jobs, doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and everything else we need to get to in order to participate fully in our communities.
Sign that says "Yes we're open, Drive Thru Only"

COVID19: Drive Thru Only Services Must Provide Access to People Who Cannot Drive

As a result of many businesses converting to drive-thru only, transit-dependent people, in particular members of the disability community who are blind and low-vision, aren’t able to access services.
Sidewalk under construction

Disabled Voters Now Have A Sidewalk to Get to Pierce County Elections Center

"We must do everything we can to make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote - especially for those of us who are transit dependent,” said Anna Zivarts, Rooted in Rights Program Director. “There are real consequences to not having our votes count and having the transit services we rely on get cut or underfunded." 
Sidewalk under construction

Victory! Tacoma Builds Missing Sidewalk to Pierce County Elections Center

This is exciting news – after our video with Blake Geyen led to a Tacoma New Tribune profile, Tacoma moved to build the section of missing sidewalk connecting the nearest bust stop to the Pierce County Elections Center. Here’s…
Taxi signage with wheelchair symbol

Victory! City of Seattle Changes Reimbursement Rate Structure to Increase Supply of Wheelchair Accessible Cabs

The City of Seattle is changing the reimbursement rates for Wheelchair Accessible Taxi owners
A blue car passes three pedestrians in the street.

Move Over Washington!

Washington state has a new safe passing law. When passing people walking, bicycling, using a personal mobility device, moped, scooter, motorcycle, farm equipment or riding an animal, vehicles must give at least three feet or move entirely into the adjacent lane if there is one. The new law goes into effect January 1, 2020. Drivers who don’t move over can be ticketed and fined.