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Reflecting on ADA 30 While Reckoning with COVID-19 and Racism

Content note: includes mentions of COVID-19 and police brutality toward Black people 2020 brought us the COVID-19 pandemic and shed a stark light on the pandemic of racism. The impact of both these pandemics continues to grow and serve as…
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As a Black Disabled Woman, I’m Tired of Seeing Mental Health Issues in My Community Stigmatized

Growing up, I had always been a nervous child. At a young age, I grew used to that pounding sensation in my chest, that irrational uncertainty of future situations that sometimes rendered me motionless. At that time, I was unaware…
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Finding and Reclaiming Who I Am: a Biracial Black Transgender Man with Multiple Disabilities

Content note: includes discussion of COVID-19, police brutality toward Black people, murder of unarmed Black people, transphobia As I was moving my arms back and forth next to my wife in our very first protest, chanting Black Lives Matter, two…
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How Can Black People Protect Their Mental Health Right Now?

Content note: includes discussion of COVID-19, police brutality toward Black people, murder of unarmed Black people The last few weeks have put Black people through the wringer. The footage of George Floyd’s death has sparked the largest protest in history…

Black Lives Matter

This page was created to serve as a central place for people looking to support the movement to end violence and systemic racism towards Black people. Whether it’s donating to organizations that contribute to Black liberation, learning new strategies to become a better ally, or purchasing goods from a Black-owned business, there are many ways to make a difference.
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My Educational Experiences with Attention Deficit Disorder and Why Accommodations are So Crucial

The following post is part of our series on perspectives from disabled and chronically ill people regarding COVID-19. The global pandemic has affected each of us in ways no one could have imagined. It has exposed the structural failures of…
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The Conversations That Black Communities Need to Be Having About Suicide

This post discusses suicide. If you or someone you know are in need of support, please reach out for support. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 En Español: 1-888-628-9454 For people who are deaf/hard-of-hearing: 1-800-799-4889 Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to…
Disabled People of Color Day, February 7th. The image is a circular logo with three people using wheelchairs, fading from dark brownish red to orange.

Why and How You Should Honor Disabled People of Color Day

Makahla By the age of 23, I had grown accustomed to the smell of antibacterial soap, waiting rooms over capacity, and physicians in every specialty. I’d mastered the art of being a professional patient. I slowly built a resistance to…
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Disability Justice Must Include All Marginalized Identities

When Rooted in Rights first accepted me for their inaugural Rooted in Writing Fellowship program last year, my reaction was one of pure disbelief. For all that I have struggled in my post-grad life to make writing a full-time career,