A light-skinned Black teenager in a green, striped, short-sleeved shirt is lying down on a bed, facing the camera and smiling. He has a TV remote in his hand and is pointing it at the camera.

I’m a Virgo: Black Autistic Youth Deserve Representation, Too

Being a Black autistic kid felt like there were thousands of eyes watching me.   There were the eyes of my allegedly well-meaning mother, afraid to let me out of her sight. There were the eyes of other people’s parents,
Outdoors, day. A prison watchtower separated by a wired fence. The camera is close up on the fence.

Mass Incarceration’s Dystopia Gets Even Worse: Harvesting Organs and Co-Opting Radical Language

Content warning: incarceration, enslavement, white supremacy, experimentation on adults and children, family separation, death from medical neglect, medical industrial complex, prison industrial complex, trauma, state violence   In 1949, an incarcerated white man in Sing-Sing Correctional Facility named Louis Boy
A Black woman with short curly black hair in a light pink t-shirt, sitting at a desk using a laptop.

Self-Diagnosing: A Response to Inaccessible Healthcare

Disclaimer: this post is not intended as medical advice. Before I got a medical diagnosis for anxiety and depression, I self-diagnosed. There were many things about my mental health that I couldn’t explain. For instance, why would I, as a…
A white person's hand holding up a sign that says "No to white supremacy."

Stop Blaming Autism for Capitalist and White Supremacist Violence

Content note: quotation of ableist slurs, discussion of white supremacy, mass violence, Holocaust, and eugenics In an interview with Talking Points Memo Albert Watkins, the lawyer for self-described “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, who participated in the January 6th Capitol riots,…
Illustration of a row of Black and Brown fists in the air.

The Power of Black Disabled Representation During Black History Month

Each February, the United States celebrates Black History Month. It is a month that brings about many different emotions for me, ranging from excitement and pride to pain, grief, and frustration. It’s a time when school systems read books by…
A red telephone receiver with a long red wire

Four Ways to Improve Crisis Intervention Services for the Disability Community

Content note: includes discussion of mental health crises and police brutality In 2012, my own fear of the police due to previous trauma impacted my ability to call the crisis response team for a friend who was having a mental…
Illustration of a pink megaphone with yellow lightning shaped soundwaves coming out of it, on a teal background.

Reflecting on ADA 30 While Reckoning with COVID-19 and Racism

Content note: includes mentions of COVID-19 and police brutality toward Black people 2020 brought us the COVID-19 pandemic and shed a stark light on the pandemic of racism. The impact of both these pandemics continues to grow and serve as…
A greyscale photo of a Black woman's face fades into swirls of pixels.

As a Black Disabled Woman, I’m Tired of Seeing Mental Health Issues in My Community Stigmatized

Growing up, I had always been a nervous child. At a young age, I grew used to that pounding sensation in my chest, that irrational uncertainty of future situations that sometimes rendered me motionless. At that time, I was unaware…
An overhead view of a crowd gathered for a protest

Finding and Reclaiming Who I Am: a Biracial Black Transgender Man with Multiple Disabilities

Content note: includes discussion of COVID-19, police brutality toward Black people, murder of unarmed Black people, transphobia As I was moving my arms back and forth next to my wife in our very first protest, chanting Black Lives Matter, two…