Photo of a school bus from the back driving down a road lined with trees.

Why A Teacher Carrying a Disabled Student on His Back Shouldn’t Be News

Once again, an abled person recently went viral for including a disabled person in everyday activities.  That means it’s (*checks calendar*) a day ending in Y. This time, a teacher is being lavished with praise for volunteering to carry Ryan
A row of people with their backs to the camera, each holding a sign with one letter of the word "Enough"

Stop Blaming Mental Illness for Evil Behavior

Content note: mental illness, inpatient psychiatric treatment, gun violence The worst experience of my life occurred during my fourth round of inpatient psychiatric treatment in 2016. Having used up all of my Medicare days at one of the country’s best…
Photo of a smartphone, a notebook and pen, and a cup of coffee on a wooden table. Written in the notebook is "internship, experience, learning, exposure, practice."

Why Internships Are Important for Young Disabled People: A Reflection from a Rooted in Rights Intern

My experience interning at Rooted In Rights was a great one. During my time there, I gained a lot of skills I can use in the workplace. Here’s just some of what I learned and accomplished: Have a Professional Email…
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#LiveOn: A Reminder to Love Ourselves a Little More

Content note: discussion of suicide This September, we recognized Suicide Prevention Month. While suicide is a difficult topic for many in our society to discuss, how suicide affects the disability community is an even more challenging topic. However, people with
A white woman with a brown ponytail covering her bare chest stares into a mirror.

It’s Time to Stop Desexualizing Disabled People

When I told my hearing ex-boyfriend that I was considering cochlear implant surgery, we were in bed in his college dorm room: an unwashed clearing in a muddle of strewn clothes, textbooks, and papers. As a deaf 19-year-old undergraduate woman…
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Why Aren’t More People Talking About Their Experiences with Vaginismus?

Content note: sex and sexual dysfunction, genitals, mention of gender and sexuality bias, medical settings and treatment, brief mention of past trauma I’m sitting upright on an examination table, my sore hip bones close as possible to the edge and…
Photo of a person in a doctors office with legs spread and gynecologist preparing to perform a pap smear.

Finding Sexual Health Care Shouldn’t Be So Difficult for Disabled People

The lives of people with disabilities are often medicalized, but our sexual health is mostly ignored. Doctors tend to be a big part of our lives, but they don’t ask about our sex life.  You would think something like getting
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I’m a Survivor of Sexual Violence That Caused My Disabilities. Here’s Why I’m Still Proud to Be Disabled.

When a 29-year-old woman initially reported to be comatose gave birth, the news broke widely. It should have. This story embodied the statistics of women with disabilities being far more vulnerable to sexual assault than the general population. Story…
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Shopping for the Best Presidential Candidate? Here’s a List to Help.

It can be hard for any voter to figure out which presidential candidate to support. For disabled voters, it can be bewildering and downright painful. You find a good candidate — someone you’re really excited to vote for, who promotes…