Photo of an accessible parking space

Stop Assuming I’m Not Disabled Just Because I Don’t “Look Disabled”

I park my car in a parking space reserved for those with disabilities. My door is barely open before I’m confronted by a woman who demands to see my handicap parking placard. Her mother is disabled, and she needs the…
Rachel watches a DO-IT Scholar edit a video on an iPad.

Rooted in Rights Team Highlights from 2019

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A Look Back at the Words and Wisdom of the Rooted in Rights Blog in 2019. (background is a faded image of multicolored English letters in random patterns)

A Look Back at the Words and Wisdom of the Rooted in Rights Blog in 2019

At the end of 2016, I was entrusted with the privilege of being Editor in Chief of the Rooted in Rights Blog. It’s truly amazing that as the New Year is upon us, the blog is still going strong.…
A photo of Liam sitting in his wheelchair on a bus, holding his daughter in his lap.

Cripping the Folks: A Disabled Father’s Reflections and Advice

Disability fell on me like a piano from a great height. I was first diagnosed with a rare, genetic, progressive neuromuscular disorder at 16. I had no friends or family who had a disability—or at least no one who identified…
Letter tiles spelling out "words have power."

Finding Peace On The Disability Terminology Battlefield

I was a junior in college, newly transferred from a small campus where I was the only wheelchair user to a bigger university known for its disabled community. “I don’t want to sit at the cripple table,” I said to…
A wooden table filled with Thanksgiving food

Friendsgiving is my Favorite Queer, Disabled Chosen Family Holiday

Our first Friendsgiving was in a dorm apartment on the third floor; we carried my friend, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, up the stairs along with her manual wheelchair. We drank cheap wine and ate home-cooked turkey…
A football player scoring a touchdown

Stop Sharing Those Viral Videos of the Disabled High Schooler Scoring the Touchdown

As a lifelong sports fan, it’s no accident that I see several suggested videos emphasizing athletics on my Facebook feed. Too often, however, the half-court buzzer-beaters and game-winning touchdowns are interspersed with benevolent athletes offering charity to those they deem…
Noor, a south Asian transmasculine person in a white lace dress and red cardigan, sits on a green walker in front of a fountain and a large area of tulips on a sunny day

You Are Not A Burden: On Disability, Dating, and Support Needs

Dating with a disability can be hard. As an autistic person with a physical disability, chronic pain, and a few mental health disabilities, I face a lot of drama when it comes to dating. Disability is baked into every
Census 2020 envelope

Casting Call: Census 2020 Videos

Video Concept Format: A series of three videos where community members speak to camera to discuss the top reasons people with disabilities don’t complete the census and counter these arguments with their experience and knowledge. Challenge #1:  “Does it really