Noor, a south Asian transmasculine person in a white lace dress and red cardigan, sits on a green walker in front of a fountain and a large area of tulips on a sunny day

You Are Not A Burden: On Disability, Dating, and Support Needs

Dating with a disability can be hard. As an autistic person with a physical disability, chronic pain, and a few mental health disabilities, I face a lot of drama when it comes to dating. Disability is baked into every
Census 2020 envelope

Casting Call: Census 2020 Videos

Video Concept Format: A series of three videos where community members speak to camera to discuss the top reasons people with disabilities don’t complete the census and counter these arguments with their experience and knowledge. Challenge #1:  “Does it really
Photo of NYC skyline with Hunters Point Library in the center

Hiring Disability Consultants Can Save You Millions. Looking At You, Hunters Point Library.

The Hunters Point Library is the most expensive branch of the Queens Public Library ever built, but it’s not known for its books. It’s known for its stairs. The library has incredibly steep steps that allow for stunning views—for…

People Who Use Inhalers Aren’t Responsible for the Climate Crisis. Corporations and Governments Are.

Amidst global environmental tragedy, disabled people are the first to be impacted and the last to be considered. Meanwhile, abled environmentalists scapegoat disabled people as the cause of these tragedies. I am an environmentalist and was an aspiring wildlife educator.…
A stethoscope with text that reads 2020 in the middle, surrounded by vital sign lines

5 Things Disabled People are Looking for in Healthcare Plans as the 2020 Elections Approach

A friend asks: “Do you support Medicare For All? Why not? Don’t you believe everyone has a right to health care?” Your coworker says: “I think everyone should have healthcare, but how do we pay for it? And even if…
An x-ray of human teeth

Luxury Bones

The lies they sell us are expensive, and so is health, and the chance to seek education, and to sleep inside and drink water that is clean. To have children, or decide not to have a child, or to survive…
A silhouette of a person pushing a round object that's much bigger than they are up a steep incline.

It’s Time to Support People with Disabilities Who Work Rather Than Penalizing Us

On Mothers’ Day 1972, I was backpacking with some friends in the Santa Cruz mountains, following a creek that runs into the Pacific Ocean.  It turned into a warm afternoon, and when we came to a pool in the creek,…
White haired man with beard and glasses

I-976 Impacts: “I wouldn’t be able to get where I need to go”

Donavan lives in Lakewood and relies on the Puget Sound region’s connected transit system to get around. “I’m independent and mobile with transit. I can go anywhere without relying on someone.” Donavan attends brain injury support groups in Bremerton, Puyallup,…
Access Bus

I-976 Impacts: “I take Access Transit everywhere”

Gina was a proud rider of the #158 bus from Kent to her job at The Lighthouse for the Blind in Seattle. She is blind as well, and says, “Transit brings me the freedom to travel anywhere I need to…