A side by side image of Melissa's Facebook avatar and an actual photo of her, as described in the blog post.

Facebook Avatars Are Fun…But They’re Definitely Not Disability-Inclusive.

Like many people, I’ve been spending a lot of my quarantine time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. Amidst the cute cat photos, career updates from writer friends, and selfies of at-home haircuts, I noticed a new trend last week: People were…
A stack of color magazines

For the Disability Community, Authentic Representation Makes a World of Difference

When I was in sixth grade, I started a scrapbook of articles about disabled people.  Each article was carefully cut out from newspapers and magazines, or printed out from the early 2000s Internet, and slipped into a page protector in…
A retro red television with antennae sitting on a wooden surface in front of a mint green wall. The TV has an accessible icon on it.

An Open Letter to Hollywood: Inauthentic Representation of Disability Isn’t Representation At All

Growing up, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to be. It’s a fruitless endeavor at any age, really. But as a young disabled woman, my daydreams were harder to contrive than I imagine they were
Photo of Judy Heumann's memoir cover superimposed over a background of stacks of books

Rooted in Rights Reviews – Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist

The prologue to Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist by Judith Heumann with Kristen Joiner starts with the words, “I never wished I didn’t have a disability.” It’s a powerful way to begin a memoir, one…
Photo of four people in a car about to embark on a roadtrip.

Rooted in Rights Reviews: Come As You Are

Content note: sexual harassment Come As You Are is a comedy about three disabled men and their trip to Montréal, Canada to lose their virginity at a brothel. The film, which is coming to theaters on February 14, opens to…
The author and her husband, two smiling white individuals, hug each other in front of a lake. Sarah, who has straight, medium-length brown hair and is wearing a black and white floral dress, speaks into his ear. Her husband, who has wavy, close-cropped dark blonde hair, and is wearing a gray shirt and black suit jacket, bends his head, as if to listen.

Sundance TV’s “This Close” Strengthened My Marriage

“You have to learn to cue,” I gruffly tell my husband after backing our car into a spot outside my nephew’s birthday party at a noisy, monster-themed sports facility. I am referring to Cued Speech, a visual communication mode made…
Two people ride Lime scooters and are overlaid with green checkmarks.

Scoot Smart!

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) teamed up with Disability Rights Oregon, Rooted in Rights, and Lime to release a new e-scooter safety video
A group of people stand on a balcony in Kenya. The Rooted in Rights and Mental Voices Africa Logos in the bottom corner of the image.

Mental Voices Africa and Rooted in Rights

Rooted in Rights has partnered with Mental Voices Africa to promote international advocacy for those of us with mental health disabilities. In October 2019, Noela Luka, Chairperson for Mental Voices Africa, and Allexa Laycock, Editor for Rooted in Rights,  led…
Rooted in Rights and Mental Voices Africa logo with Closed Caption and Audio Description logos. Harrison sits in front of a brick wall.

Mental Voices Africa – Harrison

Harrison describes the difficulty in acquiring a disability card as a person with bipolar disorder.…