Manuel speaks to camera while seated on a park bench.

A Mix of ADHD and Autism in a Nutshell with Manwel

Everyone has their own ways of releasing their energy and expressing themselves. Manwel talks about why people should have compassion towards each other.
A white person's hand holding up a sign that says "No to white supremacy."

Stop Blaming Autism for Capitalist and White Supremacist Violence

Content note: quotation of ableist slurs, discussion of white supremacy, mass violence, Holocaust, and eugenics In an interview with Talking Points Memo Albert Watkins, the lawyer for self-described “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, who participated in the January 6th Capitol riots,…
A question mark made out of stacks of U.S. dollar bills.

Are Celebrity-Studded “Autism-Fundraisers” Actually Supporting Autistic People?

Back in 2015, about four months prior to my own diagnosis, a video went viral of an autistic singer named Jodi Dipiazza singing the Weird Al Yankovic song “Yoda” alongside the singer himself and a chorus of seven other autistic…
Text against a dark olive green background reads "Mel Baggs Will Never Leave Us"

Mel Baggs Will Never Leave Us

Content note: includes discussion of eugenic ableism, medical abuse, institutionalization, white supremacist murder Memory is important. But your own personal memory is not necessary. The best of human memory is fallible, changing, and fickle. And memory can fail. In so…
Photo of Kris and his daughter. Kris is a biracial man who has short black curly hair and tinted glasses. He is smiling while sitting holding his 11 month old daughter who has short black hair in two ponytails and is wearing a pink jacket on a sunny day at a park.

As an Autistic Dad, Autism “Awareness” Month Brings Up Mixed Feelings for Me

Autism “Awareness” Month brings up mixed feelings for me. In one sense, I have excitement because I am a proud autistic dad of an amazing almost 1-year-old and it has been such joy. But I also have frustration because of…
The author as a young child sitting on the lap of her Sudanese grandfather, who is dressed in a traditional white jellabiya and headwrap.

As a British Sudanese Autistic Person, I’ve Learned that Cultures Shape How We Perceive Disability

I am mixed British/Sudanese and autistic. That first fact, along with a childhood spent split between the two countries, meant it was only last year I sought an official autism diagnosis. My multicultural background celebrated traits and interests I now…
A series of medical icons.

Hungry for Change: On Inaccessible, Exclusionary, and Discriminatory Care for Autistic People with Eating Disorders

Trigger warnings: eating disorders, racism/racist health disparities, mental health disparities; ableism, misogyny, gaslighting of Black women and Latinas with eating disorders, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and oppressive barriers to care The link between autism and anorexia is an international conversation,…
Photo of Sia in a black dress and blonde wig with a black bow.

Sia’s New Film “Music” Isn’t Just Bad Representation of Autistic People; It’s Downright Dangerous.

Content note: includes discussion of mistreatment of autistic people, including prone restraint Amidst the utter mess that was 2020, I found a bright spot by discovering the tv show Everything’s Gonna be Okay on Freeform. Though it’s not perfect, I…
A photo of Isabella Ruffatti's family on Christmas.

I Am Who I Am: Being an Autistic Latina Woman on Christmas

My autism means that I have always had an uneasy relationship with Christmas. When I was younger, the day involved straightening my unruly curls and getting dressed up for a large gathering at my great grandmother’s house, where my extended…