Introducing Julian, Hudson and Lyla. They’re kids who have different disabilities and need different accommodations, like caregivers, mobility aids, and sensory tools. Just like us, animals are born with disabilities too and need accommodations for their environment. When we all work together to make sure that people and animals have what they need, it’s better for everyone. ‘Cause access is wild!

“Zoomazium to You: Including Young Learners with Disabilities”, Woodland Park Zoo Blog

Julian sits in his power chair and raises his arms against a poster of a hawk's wingspan.

Hawks Say, “Help for All!”

Julian introduces his friend Gunnar the Hawk from Woodland Park Zoo, and shares how people and animals of different abilities and disabilities can do all kinds of things when we get the help we need.
Hudson in front of a stuffed eagle and other science equipment

Tortoises Say, “Fun for All!”

Hudson introduces his friend Rivera the Tortoise, and talks about his day at the Zoomazium on Sensory Friendly Friday at Woodland Park Zoo, where people of all abilities and disabilities can have fun.
Lyla stands with her cane in front of a giraffe in the giraffe barn

Giraffes Say, “Habitats for All!”

Lyla introduces her friend Dave the Giraffe from Woodland Park Zoo, and shares how people and animals of all abilities and disabilities need different types of habitats.