A Black person's hands kneading dough on a floured surface.

Putting Respect on the Menu: On Being a Deaf Chef

Everyone has a gift or a purpose that puts a sparkle in their eyes, quickens their heartbeat a little, and wakes them up more excited to start the morning. We go about our daily activities with varied levels of anticipation…
Top-down partial view of a white person sitting cross-legged on a bed, holding a cell phone, and resting her hand on their keyboard. There is a pink notebook and pen next to them.

Working from Bed Isn’t Lazy. It’s Accessible.

2020 was a year of change and adapting, something disabled people are already pros at doing. One of the biggest shake-ups was the move to working from home. As much of the workforce shifted from the office to wherever we…
Young female-presenting person of color sitting on their couch with a laptop on their lap, working.

Working From Home Levels the Playing Field for Disabled People. Why are Businesses so Intent on Returning to the Office?

I recently went viral on Twitter for sharing how a disabled friend was forced to quit her college back in January because the school wouldn’t allow her to study from home. Just two months later, she watched this exact accommodation…
An illustration of a person wearing a headset and typing on a laptop. The person is transparent and has blue connecting lines and dots inside them, indicating being online.

Navigating Virtual Employment Services During the Pandemic

Navigating the dynamics of difference within the world of employment as a person with multiple disabilities has been a struggle since the moment I prepared to enter it at the age of 16 in 2001. I didn’t become aware of…
A group of people marching down a street, holding big purple letters that spell "union."

We Won Our Union: How and Why We Unionized, Despite a Common Rule that Denies Workers with Disabilities Union Rights

I have been a housekeeper at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore for six years, and this year, workers with disabilities finally won our union after a long fight. This victory means a lot because now we actually have someone on our…
A silhouette of a person pushing a round object that's much bigger than they are up a steep incline.

It’s Time to Support People with Disabilities Who Work Rather Than Penalizing Us

On Mothers’ Day 1972, I was backpacking with some friends in the Santa Cruz mountains, following a creek that runs into the Pacific Ocean.  It turned into a warm afternoon, and when we came to a pool in the creek,…
A person sitting at their desk using a laptop to search for a job.

“Essential Functions” on Job Listings Create Barriers for Employees and Employers Alike

Recently, my partner and I sent out a quote to a medical device company that wanted to make sure their product was accessible to people with disabilities. We test websites and apps and make recommendations to developers so that they…
Photo of a smartphone, a notebook and pen, and a cup of coffee on a wooden table. Written in the notebook is "internship, experience, learning, exposure, practice."

Why Internships Are Important for Young Disabled People: A Reflection from a Rooted in Rights Intern

My experience interning at Rooted In Rights was a great one. During my time there, I gained a lot of skills I can use in the workplace. Here’s just some of what I learned and accomplished: Have a Professional Email…
A graduation cap on a pile of American coins.

Here’s Why Student Loan Debt is a Disability Rights Issue

When Cara Liebowitz graduated from the City University of New York School of Professional Studies in 2016 with her MA in Disability Studies, she was already on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) so she found it surprisingly easy to have her