A blurred photo of wheelchair racers in motion.

Grappling with Ableism in the Para-Sport Movement

Lengthy periods of contemplation don’t usually start with an accessible door opener. Let’s rewind. I’m a former national team-level athlete in wheelchair basketball and rugby. I was on the long list that the Canadian Paralympic Committee puts together as a…
Braxton sits in their wheelchair in front of their fireplace.

Wheelchairs & Societal Expectations with Braxton

Assumptions can be harmful, even if you have good intentions. Braxton shares some of the misconceptions they've faced as a person that uses a wheelchair.
Against a background of a cloudy sky and brick building is the head of a statue of Harriet Tubman, taken from a lower angle so that the statue exudes strength and power.

Why Don’t More People Know Harriet Tubman Was Disabled?

America tends to minimize or alter the contributions of Black people in its history. George Washington Carver didn’t invent peanut butter; he was a prominent scientist that changed the way farmers work with crops. Martin Luther King Jr. is
Text against a dark olive green background reads "Mel Baggs Will Never Leave Us"

Mel Baggs Will Never Leave Us

Content note: includes discussion of eugenic ableism, medical abuse, institutionalization, white supremacist murder Memory is important. But your own personal memory is not necessary. The best of human memory is fallible, changing, and fickle. And memory can fail. In so…
Lyla stands with her cane in front of a giraffe in the giraffe barn

Giraffes Say, “Habitats for All!”

Lyla introduces her friend Dave the Giraffe from Woodland Park Zoo, and shares how people and animals of all abilities and disabilities need different types of habitats.
Hudson in front of a stuffed eagle and other science equipment

Tortoises Say, “Fun for All!”

Hudson introduces his friend Rivera the Tortoise, and talks about his day at the Zoomazium on Sensory Friendly Friday at Woodland Park Zoo, where people of all abilities and disabilities can have fun.
Julian sits in his power chair and raises his arms against a poster of a hawk's wingspan.

Hawks Say, “Help for All!”

Julian introduces his friend Gunnar the Hawk from Woodland Park Zoo, and shares how people and animals of different abilities and disabilities can do all kinds of things when we get the help we need.
Photo of a book with pages lifting out of it to fly free.

Looking at “Independence” Through the Lens of Disability

After my first day of college classes, I wanted to quit. I felt out of place and overwhelmed. As I sat with my mom in a local diner, I rattled off my fears – class sizes were bigger, the workload…
A stack of color magazines

For the Disability Community, Authentic Representation Makes a World of Difference

When I was in sixth grade, I started a scrapbook of articles about disabled people.  Each article was carefully cut out from newspapers and magazines, or printed out from the early 2000s Internet, and slipped into a page protector in…