The disability pride flag: left to right diagonal stripes - green, light blue, white, yellow, and a soft red - from top to bottom on a charcoal background.

A Community Reflection on Disability Pride Month

The way that individual people connect to their disability—whether it’s mental, physical, learning, or developmental; chronic and/or dynamic; congenital or acquired—is complex. We live in a society that was not created with disabled people in mind. It’s evident every time
The famous Hollywood sign in big, white block letters set on a mountainous, grassy terrain during either a sunrise or sunset.

For Us, By Us: Chronicling Disability Representation in Media

“I’ve got a great story for you! It’s about my life as a disabled person. It’s never been made, and I think it would be something great that you could make to show the world what it’s like to be
An assortment of medical instruments and personal effects, including pill bottles, needles, and socks, surround an empty white stool on a white background.

What’s In A Pair of Socks?

CONTENT NOTE: blood work, medical trauma, emetophobia, medical ableism   I sat on the hard metal gurney, watching my legs shake underneath the torn forest green scrubs. I tried to count my breaths, my ears throbbing from the cacophony of emergency

Rooted in Rights 2023 and Beyond

Hello Rooted in Rights followers, contributors, and supporters! This is Allexa, the Director of Rooted in Rights (RiR), reaching out to you all to let you know of some changes to expect from RiR and some exciting things happening now!…

Ask to Vax!

COVID-19 Vaccines for Youth with Disabilities #AskToVax
DREDF, YO! Disabled & Proud, and Rooted in Rights have joined together to help disabled California Youth learn more about COVID-19 vaccines for children aged five and up. Children and youth with underlying
Outdoors. A tree surrounded by green grass is seen from the tree top down to its complex roots. The roots are surrounded by soil because they're all underground.

Getting to The Roots: Why Does Subminimum Wage Persist?

In 2018, the National Council on Disabilities reported that people with disabilities in the U.S. have decreased chances of finding work. In addition, the report found that disabled workers often work for subminimum wage, low wages, and under substandard employment
Two side by side photos of Bad Papi and Pyx Elated. Bad Papi is a trans Cubane person with slicked back black hair & brown eyes. They’re wearing makeup in the colors of PTSD awareness. His eye makeup is a large dark purple outer line going from the top of his eyelids to the sides of his eyes, a light blue eyeshadow, & a dark blue line under his eyes. She has blue lipstick w/ purple lipstick liner. The PTSD ribbon symbol is on both of their cheeks, one in blue & one in purple. He’s wearing a purple patterned shirt & facing the camera with a serious facial expression. Her fingers are resting on the sides of her face. Pyx Elated is a white transmasculine non-binary person with auburn short coiffed hair & blue eyes. Their eye makeup is done in pink, white, & blue liner in the pattern of the trans flag. They have a dark brown goatee. They’re wearing a white button up shirt & a light pink feather boa around his neck. They’re facing the camera with a serious facial expression & holding up a white lace floral fan.

How Disabled Queer People Are Finding Community Through Digital Drag

Author note: At the time of writing, Pyx Elated (They/Them) was previously known as Peter Panic (He/Him). They’re comfortable with the article using the name Peter Panic and he/him pronouns as written, but the image description and link at the…
A grayscale photo of a Black woman in a flowy white top and skirt, holding a cane in one hand, her other hand outstretched. Her eyes are peacefully closed. She is standing in an overgrown field with trees behind her.

Queen Jasmeen: Creating Space for Disability Through Poetry

“Poetry was the first way I asked for help.” –Jasmine “Queen Jasmeen” Schlafke Slam poet and disability justice advocate Jasmine Schlafke began writing at age twelve and began competing in slam poetry in 2011, where starting in 2012 she won…
A painting of Frida Kahlo who has multicolored flowers in her hair, bright red lipstick, and earrings shaped like hands. She is against a background of bright green leaves.

Frida Kahlo: A Bisexual Disabled Mexican Artist Marginalised in Life but Celebrated in Death

Content note: brief mention of cyber assault and suicide I find myself wondering how Frida Kahlo became such an icon. After all, not everyone can claim they are disabled, bisexual female artists of Mexican descent who attempt to live their…