Young minds advocacy project’s new website

Young Minds Advocacy
Young Minds Advocacy

On New Year’s Eve, an organization named Young Minds Advocacy Project (YMAP) launched, their new website. YMAP was created in the middle of 2012. The first goal of the project is to improve systemic access to individualized mental health care for low-income young people with serious unmet mental health need.

The second goal is to reform all mental health care systems so they are responsive and accountable to the young people and families they are intended to serve. On their website, they stress these two main goals the most. In fact, you can read over them on sub-link of “How We Work.”

The website makes it easy for you to receive the information that you’re looking for in only a matter of seconds. Everything is clean and easy to read. With each link, or in some cases, sub-links, you find out such information as to who works for YMAP.    They also give you other ways to help, such as volunteering or attending events.

YMAP makes it known that it is easy for others to help, even if the only thing that you’re spending is time, by volunteering or just browsing the website and letting your friends know about it.

All in all, Young Minds Advocacy Project’s website is a great one. It is easy to use, gives you interesting things to read up on and, most importantly, gives you ways that you can help make someone’s life a little bit easier, or in most cases, a lot easier.

Yes, you can give money, but that isn’t the only way to donate or to connect to the cause. You can also sign up to connect with them. All you have to do is give them a few bits of information and you’re subscribed to learn all about their new information. I just signed up and it literally took less than a minute. It was incredibly easy. Now you should go and do it.

In just a few short clicks, a few twists and turns, you can help improve a system that needs  much improvement. You can help the people that you only hear about on television or pass by on your way to catch the bus on the way to work. You can help make someone’s day a little bit brighter, all by doing something that may seem small but is quite big in comparison. And all you have to do is click.


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