Woman with Down syndrome wins guardianship fight

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Lesson Title

Woman with Down syndrome wins guardianship fight

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Two minutes and fifty-seven seconds

Grade Level

High School &Above


On August 2nd, Jenny Hatch, a 29 year-old woman with Down syndrome, was allowed to choose her own place of residence, and overrode her parents’ guardianship request.  After a year of struggle, including jumping between different group homes, Hatch was finally allowed to legally move back in with her friends, who won the custody battle against her parents.

Review Questions

Why did Hatch agree to be taken to a group home?

How many disability advocates attempted to intervene during Hatch’s stay at one of the group homes?

According to Suzan Mizner of the ACLU, what are a person’s three basic civil liberties?

Free writing “Journal” Prompt

Why do you think Hatch’s parents did not approve of her initial living situation with Morris?

How might the experience of living in a group home differ from the experience of living with close friends?

How could this case affect the nature of future guardianship law?