White House picks new disability liaison

Photo of the White House through railings.
White House

Claudia Gordon, a deaf woman, began July 14 as the new liaison between the disability community and the White House.

She replaces Kareem Dale, the first-ever disability liaison, who left earlier this year after serving in the position for President Obama’s first term, according to Disability Scoop. Gordon’s position is titled the White House’s Public Engagement Advisor for the Disability Community in the Office of Public Engagement.

Gordon was the first deaf African American woman to become an attorney, as well the first deaf graduate from the American University College of Law in Washington, D.C. During President Obama’s first term, she worked with the Department of Labor, overseeing the department’s efforts to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities in its contracting practices.

The National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency charged with advising Congress and the president on disability issues, praised the appointment.

“NCD is thrilled by the news of Claudia’s appointment as Public Engagement Advisor for the Disability Community for the White House,” NCD Chairperson Jeff Rosen said in a news release. “Her vast experience and the relationships she brings to the table bolsters the President and his Administration’s continued and ongoing commitment to issues important to the disability community – whether they are global, like the UN Convention, national as in regulation enforcement or personal, as in the issues that touch our lives on a daily basis such as employment, education and immigration. We look forward to working closely with her.”