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DisAbility and Social Networking

This week, I clicked my way through links and postings in order to find you inspirational, insightful and interesting items for your viewing pleasure.

1.Starting May 2013, the American Psychiatric Association’s new diagnostic manual, which is known as the DSM-5, will be stripping Asperger’s syndrome of its name. Instead, Asperger’s syndrome will now be known as ASD-Level 1(mild), a top rung in the ladder of autism spectrum disorders. While some are fighting to keep the original name, there are many that are applauding the change, stating that instead of focusing on the label and what the label brings, they should focus more on advocacy. Found on the Center for Leadership in Disability Facebook page.

2.Talk about photogenic! Seb White, a toddler born with Down syndrome, was featured in a Marks and Spencer Christmas commercial and catalog recently. Marks and Spencer is a major retailer in the United Kingdom. I have to say that Seb looks very dashing in his cardigan and bow tie. I bet the eleventh Doctor Who would be quite proud of him for his taste in clothing. You can watch the holiday video (White appears in the last 10 or so seconds) and then come back and talk about how cute he is on the comment thread.

You can also see 6 year old Down syndrome model named Ryan Langston in his Target feature and 10 month old Valentina Guerrero, who also has Down syndrome and is now the face of Dolores Cortés’ 2013 kids’ collection and on the cover of the brand’s American catalog. Found on the Born this Way Foundation Facebook page and the Huffington Post homepage.

3.  Jesse White(D), the Secretary of State in Illinois, made the announcement that the Secretary of State Police have started cracking down on people who have been illegally parking in spots desig nated for people with disabilities. Police began the crackdown on Black Friday and have issued 166 citations that have totaled over $70,000 in fines. On January 1st, a new law was proposed that states that the laws for parking in the handicapped spots illegally would be toughening and that the penalties would be more for using someone’s else sticker. Found on the Disability News homepage.


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