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DisAbility and Social Networking

This week, I searched through social media to find you interesting and insightful items for your viewing pleasure.

1.In a previous post in the “What are we talking about?” column, I mentioned an 18-year-old girl named Alexis Wineman, who was competing for Miss America. Wineman, who had won Miss Montana, was the first person with autism to compete in the pageant. Although she didn’t wind up winning the title, I am happy to note that she was chosen as “America’s Choice” in an online vote that took place during the weeks before the event.

Wineman, who was diagnosed with autism at age 11, has been using her position of Miss Montana to increase awareness of the developmental disorder. Congrats, Ms. Wineman, on winning America’s heart! Found on the Disability Scoop homepage.

2.A 19-year-old New York man has been sentenced to one to three years in prison after he shot his friend in the chest as part of a scheme to get disability payments. The shooter, Terrance Naylor, was sentenced earlier this week for shooting 20-year-old Richmond Principe last June.

Naylor was very close to almost committing murder, since the bullet was close to entering Principe’s heart. Both men pleaded guilty in November. Principe faces a year in jail when he’s sentenced on January 24th. Found on the Disability News homepage.

3.Thousands of poor Queens residents with debilitating conditions who were denied federal disability benefits will have their cases reconsidered, under a settlement proposal in a class-action lawsuit that accused judges of bias. The lawsuit claimed that five administrative law judges with the Queens office that reviews claims for Social Security benefits had previously presided over hearings that trivialized the applicants’ physical and mental impairments.

The applicants were also subjected to harsh questioning. In a settlement accepted by both the plaintiffs and the Social Security Administration, the agency agreed to remove the judges from those cases, which will allow applicants to appear before new judges. Here’s to better judgments! Found in the New York Times NY/Region page.

4.  I found this inspirational graphic on Facebook and I just thought that I should share it with everyone! Found on the Center for Leadership in Disability homepage. Have a good week!

Why hello there! My name is Katherine and I'm currently a freshman in college. I started working for Disability Rights Washington as a freshman, and I have enjoyed working for here so far. I write a column called What are We Talking About, which is great since it allows me to read new and interesting stories and to tell all of you guys about it. Anyway, have a great day! :D