Website dedicated to ending abuse against people with disabilities

child with down syndrome with downcast eyes
New Resource

The Vera Institute of Justice has launched a new website exclusively dedicated to ending abuse against people with disabilities.

Since 2005, The Vera Institute for Justice Center on Victimization and Safety has been working at the national, state, and local levels to strengthen efforts to address victimization of people with disabilities and Deaf people.

As explained on the website, “people with disabilities experience violent victimization at rates three times higher than people without disabilities, making them one of the most harmed groups in the country.” In addition, “people with disabilities are less likely than people without disabilities to receive services that increase their safety and support their healing.”

The website is simple and easy to navigate, with four major sections: The Problem, The Solution, Get Connected and Stay Informed. It includes an interactive map of the United States that shows the legislative initiatives and local organizations specifically working on ending abuse of people with disabilities. Included is an invitation to add any new initiatives. It also features a “quick escape” key at the top of each page, allowing a user to quickly switch to another webpage for safety.

The Vera Institute for Justice – Center for Victimization and Safety’s overall purpose is to:

  • strengthen efforts to prevent crimes against people with disabilities,
  • enhance policy and programmatic responses to victims with disabilities and Deaf victims,
  • promote the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed against people with disabilities, and
  • improve the availability and use of research.