VIDEO: Accessing Employment in Japan with Mizuki Hsu

Mizuki Hsu enjoyed the freedoms of accessibility while she attended college in the United States. Upon returning to Japan, she encountered barriers when applying for work.

A Mother’s Day message from Emily and Ellen Ladau

Emily and Ellen Ladau share their mother-daughter story in this new Rooted in Rights "Storytellers" video. Both Emily and Ellen have physical disabilities and use wheelchairs.

A Little job advice from Bill & Jen with Cuquis Robledo

 Little People are too often “pigeonholed” into certain occupations solely based off of their size and stature.
woman in a cat costume in a wheelchair, with an inset of an Oompla Loompa play button for a video

VIDEO: Does your Halloween costume marginalize people with disabilities?

With Halloween just around the corner, let’s have fun, but also let’s take a moment to consider the negative stereotypes some costumes can reinforce about people with disabilities.…
Movie poster for The Right to be Rescued with Audio Description and Open Caption icons. A person in a wheelchair on a pier.

VIDEO: Right to be Rescued

A rootedin Rights original documentary, “The Right to be Rescued” is a short documentary that tells the stories of people with disabilities affected by Hurricane Katrina. Our goal is to make emergency planners aware of the specific needs of people…