VIDEO: Washington’s Greying Prisons and the Need for Geriatric Review

This video explores the need for post-conviction review legislation for aging prisoners in the state of Washington. Over 1,000 inmates 50 and older continue to age behind bars at enormous cost to their communities, the State, and themselves.

About the Video

The prison population in Washington State is aging rapidly. The proliferation of long and life sentences increased the number of prisoners aged 55 or older by 400% from 1993 to 2013. Without an opportunity for parole for most prisoners, incarcerated individuals do not have an opportunity to be evaluated for release based on their rehabilitation. The prison system is not equipped to handle the medical needs of this aging prison population. Punishment may be important in our criminal justice system, but how much is enough? In the upcoming legislative session, bills will be introduced to create a post-conviction review process to allow rehabilitated individuals, who have served extended sentences and are not a threat to public safety, to be released back into the community.

For more information about this legislative initiative, and how to get involved, click here:  AVID’s webpage.