VIDEO: The Threatened Legacy of Independent Living with Alex Ghenis

Alex Ghenis is a Rooted in Rights Storyteller who is bringing awareness about the pending closing of the Disabled Students Residence Program (DSRP) at Berkeley.  The DSRP was founded by Ed Roberts, and Berkeley is considered the home for the modern Independent Living movement.

Students like Lisa Albertson are leading protests to protect the programs and services disabled students at Berkeley need to achieve academic success.  Their goal is to gain the attention of the university administrators about the cuts to services and demand that the university make disability a priority.

Petition to Stop the Shutdown of the DSRP

Berkeley Disabled Students

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)  provided federal funding for the cost of producing this video (Award #H240A170048). The contents are the sole responsibility of Disability Rights Washington, the parent organization of Rooted in Rights, and do not necessarily represent the official views of RSA.