VIDEO: #DisabilityToo

We all know about #MeToo. What we don’t talk about is the epidemic of sexual assault against people with disabilities. Rooted in Rights and the Disability Visibility Project collaborated to lift up the voices of disabled survivors so that their stories could be heard.

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All survivors of sexual abuse deserve to access the resources they need to be healthy and successful. We’ve made a list of some of them for you.

We want to make sure you tell your story in the way you want to tell it. That’s why we’re accepting submissions in many different media formats. Some of these stories will be included in a short video, and some may be posted individually on our social pages. Our goal is to amplify the voices of our community and to spread understanding about what people with disabilities are facing when it comes to sexual abuse and assault.

In your submission, please notify us as to whether you would like to remain anonymous or be named. If you’d like us to tag you on social media in any of our posts, please include your social handles.

Mail us your story at this address, or use the form below.

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