Disabled, Not Disposable: Ariel

“I’ve seen a lot that concerns me, both the message that we should just, you know, take one for the team basically, that’s kind of horrifying.” – Ariel Henley on how disabled people are feeling about Coronavirus.


Rooted in Rights will be collecting stories from the disability community in response to care rationing and the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’d like to share your story, email us at [email protected], or leave a voicemail at 206.324.1521 x 242.


Our parent organization, Disability Rights Washington, has filed a complaint against Washington’s plan to ration COVID-19 care and how it discriminates against disabled people.

The COVID-19 rationing plan would give priority to treating people who are younger and healthier and leaves those who are older and sicker—people with disabilities—to die.

The New York Times is covering the complaint, and the release of the rationing plan. Read Ari Ne’eman’s op-ed for a compelling argument for why we need to stop discrimination against disabled people in rationing COVID-19 care.

You can read the DRW press release here and the complaint here.