United Airlines Reasonable Accommodation

The video for this lesson contains time sensitive information. Developments in the case discussed in the video which occurred after the release date are not covered in the video or this curriculum. See “Follow-Up Assignments” below to see a way of incorporating this fact in your lesson plan.

Lesson title

United Airlines Reasonable Accomodation

Video title, link and release date

United Airlines Reasonable Accommodation; September 13, 2012

Video length

Two minutes and fifty-five seconds

Grade level

High school

Video Summary

On September 7th, the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled that United Airlines must reassign employees whose disability prevents them from continuing their previous job to a new position.

The airline’s previous policy had been to allow employees to apply for other vacant positions, at which time a hiring selection would be made, selecting the “most qualified” candidate.

This latest decision overrules a previous 7th Circuit decision in a similar case.

Review Questions

1. The reassignment of airline employees fits falls under the requirement for reasonable accommodations

for people with disabilities as specified under the ________________ with __________________ Act.


2. From what year was the previous 7th Circuit decision in a similar case to the one this report details?


3. Do you believe that this new ruling is indeed a “reasonable accommodation” as specified by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)?


 Free Writing Journal Prompt(s)

What about this report do you have questions about?

What do you want to know more about?

 Follow-up Assignment(s)

Note the date of the video and, if a significant amount of time has passed, a good follow-up activity might be to do a Google search to see if there are any new developments

Do a Google search to find related information


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