TSA apologizes to passenger in wheelchair


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A YouTube video of three-year-old Lucy, as she was screened by airport security officers, has sparked negative media attention and public commentary about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Lucy uses a wheelchair because she has a condition (spina bifida) that limits her mobility. According to the Huffington Post, Lucy’s mother, Annie, began recording the video with her smart phone because an agent indicated Lucy was going to receive a pat-down search.

The event occurred at the St. Louis airport while the family was heading to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The video had accumulated about 250,000 views in less than a week after its Feb. 16 debut.

The video shows the young girl crying as a conversation ensues between her parents and the TSA agents. The video also captures the agents incorrectly stating that taping the security measures was illegal. TSA officials have since offered clarification that these claims by their agents were mistaken.

In the end, the agents decided against patting down the child, states Michelle Diament in her article for Disability Scoop.  A personal apology was extended by officials at the TSA. The New York Times notes that while the Forck family accepts the apology, they also expressed their concern about the agency’s procedures for accommodating passengers with disabilities.


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