A Presentation and Workshop on Mobile Filmmaking & Accessible Media

This 30-45 minute presentation discusses the power of storytelling through filmmaking and how modern devices can enable anyone to become a creator of the authentic, accessible media that Rooted in Rights values and promotes – all with the phone or tablet participants may already own. The presentation touches on the history of independent filmmaking, specifics on how to use a mobile device for filmmaking, and how to ensure the final product is universally accessible. Also included is a short interactive exercise where audience members participate in filming a scene on the spot.  You can check out some examples below.

Presentations are conducted by Rooted in Rights staff. If you would like information on scheduling this presentation for your next meeting, conference, event or class, email us at [email protected].  Special pricing available for small organizations.

Examples from the Show Me Justice Film Festival

University of Central Missouri

This short script was filmed with an iPad Pro during our workshop at the Show Me Justice Film Festival, hosted by the University of Central Missouri. Our actors were volunteers from the crowd who had never seen the script before.  The whole process took us about 15 minutes. Imagine what you could film in a day?  The video includes closed captions and audio descriptions. Use the CC and AD buttons to toggle these features on or off.
[ozplayer ad_src=”” ad_captions=”” ad_transcript=”” src=”https://youtu.be/JDjUjWqaG7s” captions=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/PowerInYourPocket-7Apr2017_captions.vtt” transcript=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/PowerInYourPocket-7Apr2017_Vd.vtt”  mp3=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/PowerInYourPocket-7Apr2017_ADtack.mp3″]