Taylor Crowe speaks of life and art

In an article featured in the Huffington Post, Taylor Crowe, a 29 year old young man with autism from Cape Girardeau, Missouri shares how an early interest in art and animation resulted in him being accepted into and attending four years at the California Institute of Arts.

He gives a detailed account of how art helped him transition from a world consisting of self contained classrooms to an inclusive one in which he learned the skills necessary to make and maintain friends.

Nowadays, as an artist, Taylor focuses primarily on portraits and landscapes. He also has a career as an inspirational speaker and maintains his personal website. In his spare time he has written and illustrated a children’s book manuscript about autism.

The art presented here is from Taylor Crowe’s collection and is shared with his permission.  We encourage you to visit his website to learn more about him and his work.

This is a Taylor Crowe landscape painting depicting a paddle wheel boat going down the river.  The boat is framed by two trees in the forground with leaves covering the top of the frame.

This Taylor Crowe painting features a pattern of small green, yellow, orange, blue and purple squares.  The purple and blue squares are arranged in the shape of a heart and are framed by the yellow, green and orange squares.

This is a Taylor Crowe landscape painting a light house.

M.G. Stroh is the Executive Director of DisAbility Rights Washington and Editor of DisAbility Rights Galaxy. He has been a disability rights advocate for thirty plus years. Prior to moving to Washington state in January of 1990, he worked for the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service and Arc Of Michigan for thirteen years. He was born and raised in Indiana.

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  1. Beautiful! Very reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh. The use of saturated color is deeply emotive and inspirational. Keep creating your amazing art!

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