“Target Your Talent” event helps college students with disabilities

The words Mitchell matters over a blue Mariner's compass
An Event at Mitchell College

More than 75 people gathered at Mitchell College in New London, Connecticut on Wednesday to take part in “Target Your Talent”.  An article published in The Day by Lee Howard highlighted that the event was co-sponsored by Pfizer and allowed recent college graduates and current students with disabilities to network with companies, gain information about employment, and ease current and former students about the transition from graduation to employment.

According to a study in 2005, “disabled students are less than half as likely as their peers to have attended college in the two years after high school”.  Students with disabilities who have just graduated from college face bigger hurdles entering the workplace than their counterparts.  “Target Your Talent” hoped to displace these fears by providing mentoring and networking opportunities with potential employers and which hopefully would allow students to gain more confidence when they start looking for a job.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy spoke about his struggle with dyslexia and with the help of audiotapes was able to graduate from college and eventually law school.  Malloy was the first person with a learning disability in both Massachusetts and New York to pass the bar exam by taking the essay portion orally.  He also praised companies “that actively encourage hiring those with various impairments”.  His inspiring speech reached out to students from Connecticut College, the University of Connecticut, and Three Rivers Community College.  Companies such as  Chelsea Groton Bank, Dime Savings Bank, Sea Research Incorporated, and Washington Trust Company participated in the event.

I am currently a senior at Seattle University hoping to raise awareness through the blogosphere and several social media platforms.