A cup of tea and pot of honey, a notebook and pen, and a blanket resting artfully on a bed, indicating relaxation.

Slowing Down and Embracing Surgical Recovery is Still Living

I am working through one of those once a half-decade-or-so massive health shifts that folks with any chronic condition may find familiar: a rapid shift in function, surgery to implant more metal bits in me that set off alarms whenever…
Photo of Ryan hugging his service dog, PIco.

Using Rideshare Services Isn’t Easy When You Have a Service Animal. That Needs to Change.

“Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Isms in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, ‘I don’t believe in The
Black and white photo of skeleton sitting in a hospital-style wheelchair in front of stairs.

Disability Isn’t a Halloween Costume

Last year, a friend who hadn’t seen me in a few years asked whether my bright, sparkly purple cane was part of my sense of style. I dress whimsically in colorful outfits with a lot of patterns and he’d never
Side of a wheelchair, mainly the wheel, giving off a shadow of the wheelchair on the ground.

Why Archer’s Challenge Misrepresents the Experience of Wheelchair Users

“As you saw, it’s a lot of coordination involved between moving the chair, pointing to maps and of course using the weather clicker,” Chikage Windler, chief meteorologist at CBS Austin, explains about her experience of using a wheelchair on the

VIDEO: Out on a Limb: Insurance Providers and Access to Prosthetics with Emily Harvey

Two million people in the U.S. have limb loss, and every year approximately 185,000 people have a limb amputated. Storyteller Emily Harvey is a disability rights attorney, triathlete, an amputee and is married to a prosthetist. Emily knows from experience…

A Little job advice from Bill & Jen with Cuquis Robledo

 Little People are too often “pigeonholed” into certain occupations solely based off of their size and stature.
man in wheelchair uses van ramp

Lawsuit challenges taxi company’s wheelchair fee

The Arizona Center for Disability Law and Disability Rights Advocates filed a class-action lawsuit against an Arizona-based taxi company, accusing it of discriminating against people who use wheelchairs. Discount Cab operates 1,100 taxi vehicles in the state, making it one…
Set of old cameras with lens stood up behind them

Kylie Jenner wheelchair photoshoot sparks backlash

Kylie Jenner’s recent photoshoot with Interview Magazine, published on the magazine’s website November 30, is not sitting well with disability advocates. The reality star graces the front cover of the magazine’s latest issue, sitting in a golden wheelchair,…
a woman with the words They Killed My Baby

New documentary addresses issue of police violence towards people with disabilities

Police brutality has been a topic of discussion and concern for decades – but the last several years in particular have highlighted the issue of police disproportionately targeting marginalized people with extreme violence. In the newly released documentary Where Is…