A United airplane hovering over a runway during the daytime.

Dear United, What If David Dao Had Been Disabled?

Dear United, Earlier this month, David Dao was dragged off a flight from Chicago to Louisville. He suffered a concussion, a broken nose, sinus damage, and several lost teeth. While I’m empathetic toward Dao and his family, this is not

VIDEO: A Preflight Announcement with Noah Seidel

Like many of us gearing up for the holiday season, Storyteller Noah Seidel has been traveling a lot recently. Noah uses a wheelchair, and unfortunately, some airlines don’t know how to transport mobility devices. Noah, and others that have had

VIDEO: Keep Building Jackson

Dr. Scott Crawford of Jackson, Mississippi, is on a mission to fix the #CrappyCurb ramps in his city.…

Advocates sue Texas ride-share companies

Aundrea Moore is a blind woman in Austin, recently retired from a career at the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Now that Uber and Lyft have left Austin in response to new regulations, she is limited in her options for taxi…
Taxi light on top of a car, with a universal accessibility logo

MBTA to subsidize ride-sharing for people with disabilities

Uber and Lyft will soon receive subsidies from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Agency to expand their services to riders with disabilities, under a one-year pilot project announced September 16. “We want to meet the needs of our customers to…
person with service animal hurries among a crowd, blurry image

Canadian airport provides first bathroom for service animals

Everyone knows traveling comes with challenges. Finding a hotel on a budget, adjusting to a different climate or time zone, booking sight-seeing reservations weeks or months in advance – these are struggles that accompany almost every out-of-town trip, whether you…
A group of yellow school buses, with the words, New! Episode 108: Comedian, Michael Beers is makign the "short" bus cool

Get to know comedian Michael Beers in Rooted in Rights Podcast Episode 8!

Michael Beers has been a stand-up comedian for over a decade. His latest project is called Making the “Short” Bus Cool, in which he and other comedians with disabilities will tour the country in their short bus doing stand-up comedy.…
Scott Crawford holds a sign that reads Fix Our Busses, while driving his wheelchair in the street.

26 years later – The ADA is not a suggestion

July twenty-sixth will mark the 26th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, our “Emancipation Proclamation.” This sweeping law was the result of decades of work by activists committed to the idea that everyone has a place in society. It…
Blue sign with image of a bus and words "bus stop"

Lawsuit targets New Orleans bus stops

Almost all bus stops in New Orleans impose accessibility barriers to people with mobility disabilities, a new class-action lawsuit asserts, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana on March 28. “We think it’s very important…