jail cell bars and shadows

California’s Santa Barbara County Jail slammed in new report

The Santa Barbara County Jail regularly confines people with disabilities in solitary confinement and denies them basic health care and Americans with Disabilities Act protections, Disability Rights California alleged in a scathing new report [PDF], released February 23. During…
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Bill would provide new protections for children with disabilities in abuse cases

The Wisconsin Assembly unanimously passed a bill January 19 that directs the state’s child protective services agency to set clear standards for interacting with children with disabilities when they are suspected of being the subject of child abuse or neglect.…
A correctional facility living area

Agreement reached to overhaul Oregon prison

Disability Rights Oregon and the state Department of Corrections have reached a Memorandum of Understanding [PDF], agreeing to reduce solitary confinement and improve services for people with mental illness at the Oregon State Penitentiary’s Behavioral Health Unit. The announcement,…
Image of Tallon Satiacum

Tallon explains what happens when jails respond to mental health symptoms with discipline rather than treatment

A man finds himself incarcerated and sentenced to spend 207 days in jail. Denied treatment for his diagnosed mental illness, his symptoms worsen and his frustration grows. The jail responds to his resulting behavior with disciplinary action. The man yells.…
Barbed wire in front of the outside wall of a prison with dark windows

Settlement to force overhaul of Illinois solitary confinement practices

The Illinois Department of Corrections has reached a comprehensive settlement with a coalition of disability rights groups, agreeing to improve mental health services in state prison and reduce the use of solitary confinement. “Just because a person with mental illness…
hallway of jail doors with small windows

Lawsuit hammers solitary confinement practices at Santa Clara Jail

Brian Chavez’s jail cell measures six feet by seven feet. There is no room for even a writing table or a stool, just Chavez, a bed, and a solid metal door with a small rectangular window facing out toward a…
California State Capitol Sacramento

Report uncovers abuse of inmates with disabilities in Sacramento Jail

The Sacramento County Jail is subjecting inmates with disabilities to prolonged isolation, preventing them from obtaining even the most minimum mental health care, according to a scathing new report [PDF] released October 15 from Disability Rights California and the Prison
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The history and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder, PTSD

There’s the crash. There’s the boom. There’s the shot. There’s the pain. There’s the voice of the doctor saying to wake up. Eyes open, but there is nothing. All of a sudden, the heart begins beating faster and faster and…
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Trauma lawsuit proceeds against Compton school district

A federal court has denied [PDF] the Compton Unified School District’s Motion to Dismiss a first-of-its kind lawsuit [PDF], alleging that the District must accommodate students impacted by trauma under federal disability discrimination law. Public Counsel and Irell &