Starbucks to pay barista $75,000 in discrimination suit

This is a photograph of a Starbucks Coffee Cup

Starbucks has reached a settlement with an individual with dwarfism who claimed she was fired after requesting assistance to accommodate her disability, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Thursday.

Starbucks will pay $75,000 to Elsa Sallard and will providing training for working with people with disabilities to all managers and supervisory employees at its El Paso, Texas locations.

In July 2009, an El Paso Starbucks hired Sallard for a customer service position. She was fired on her third day of training after requesting a stool or a step ladder to assist with helping customers. The EEOC filed a discrimination lawsuit against the coffee company May 17.

“The (Americans with Disabilities Act) prohibits managers from ignoring reasonable accommodation  requests made by qualified persons with disabilities,” said EEOC attorney Joel Clark said in a news release.

One response to “Starbucks to pay barista $75,000 in discrimination suit

  1. This is a great article. However; it shows the zeal in which EEOC will prosecute other businesses and agencies for discrimination, yet the EEOC does the very same discrimination among it’s employees. It does not practice what it preaches. There is a case in U. S. Federal District Court, Washington District at this time, where in a blind EEOC employee alleges being dismissed for reporting that she was being denied reasonable accommodations and being harassed and retaliated again by teamleader and supervisor. This took place right here in the EEOC Seattle Field Office. My hat is off to the winner of this law suit and DRW for promoting disability rights. Keep up the good work

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