I missed the sponsorship deadline, can I still be involved?

Yes! Sponsors will be accepted until the videos are complete. But remember that the later you wait, the less input you’ll have. As soon as you become sponsor, you will be invited to give feedback on scripts and videos. Sponsor sooner and have more say. Plus, the more sponsors a video gets, the lower the cost to each sponsor.

When will the videos be produced?

Any video ideas that have at least 5 sponsors will start production in September 2018.  Sponsor P&As will have the opportunity to give feedback on drafts of the scripts and videos throughout the process.

What does “customized” mean?

Each sponsor P&A will receive a customized version of their video, which will feature their name, logo and contact information at the end.

When will my videos be ready?

We anticipate all videos will be delivered to sponsor P&As in the first quarter of 2019.  More specific delivery dates will be announced as we get into production.

How long will the videos be?

Videos will be 2-3 minutes long to make them bite-sized and ready for social media.

What if I have another idea for a video?

All the video concepts for this series were created by P&A staff at a special roundtable discussion at the NDRN Conference in June.  If you have new ideas, please join us next year for another round of videos. Or contact us for a fully customized video for your organization here.

What if I want state specific information included in the videos?

All videos will be produced using information common among all sponsor states. Keeping the video content the same allows us to split the production costs. If you need a state specific video, or a video on a topic not included in the list, our creative services are available as well.  Send us a message on this page.

When will I be charged?

You will not be charged anything until your video is delivered.  The final charge will be based on how many sponsors an idea gets. The maximum amount you will be charged per video is $2000, without additional options (see next question.)

Will the videos be accessible?

Yes.  Every video will be designed so that audio description is incorporated into the narration, and every video will be delivered with English captions.  Sponsors of a video will have the option to add ASL interpretation and subtitles and/or narration in languages other than English later in the process. Additional charges will apply.

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