An update from the robotic exoskeleton company, ReWalk

Rooted in Rights has been following the innovative robotic exoskeleton known as ReWalk, as it has been introduced to the market and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The product is meant to serve as an assistive device for people with disabilities, which according to the ReWalk Robotics company, “enables people with spinal cord injuries to walk upright again.” The ReWalk exoskeleton works for individuals between the heights of 5-feet-3-inches, and 6-feet-3-inches, and weighing up to 220 pounds.

However, the price is keeping it out of reach for many. The ReWalk exoskeleton currently costs about $70,000, and the company is having difficulty negotiating with insurance companies to cover the cost for clients. In the Bloomberg interview below, ReWalk’s CEO Lawrence Jasinski is asked about the price point of the product and the company’s growth strategy. According to Jasinski, ReWalk Robotics hopes to lower the price in the future, and to increase communication with insurance companies.

Some, however, are willing to put their trust in ReWalk. Jasinski states that, “The Veterans Administration, ten days after the FDA gave clearance, decided to provide these [ReWalk exoskeletons] for veterans based on their own data, showing the benefits.”

As the technology of exoskeletons continues to advance, Rooted in Rights will continue to report on assistive technology.

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