Two nondescript drawings of faces, facing one another. One is shaded in with gray and black, the other, is white.

The Complexities of “Passing” as Nondisabled

“Passing privilege” is a term used to describe what people of minority identities experience when they appear as though they’re not part of that minority group. It means you may not experience the same oppression and problems as others who…
Photo of a book with pages lifting out of it to fly free.

Looking at “Independence” Through the Lens of Disability

After my first day of college classes, I wanted to quit. I felt out of place and overwhelmed. As I sat with my mom in a local diner, I rattled off my fears – class sizes were bigger, the workload…
White tablets spilling out of a transparent brown bottle against a blue background.

Medical Breakthroughs Are Deeply Complex for Disabled People

A source of hope for one person can be a hindrance to another. Most mainstream disability-related fundraisers focus on research. The goal is often to find a treatment and ultimately, a cure. The campaigns are typically led by non-disabled folks…
Photo of Nina G, a white woman with straight shoulder length brown hair, wearing a red dress and speaking into a microphone.

Overcoming the Concept of Overcoming As a Person Who Stutters

It was about two years into my comedy career when I walked into the new swanky comedy club that recently opened near me. It was plush and clean. The green room had not yet been christened by decades of comedians…
A growing strawberry plant with some bright red and white, less ripe berries.

Pushing Back Against Internalized Ableism: The Only Way Out is Through

Content note: includes discussion of eating disorders and treatment experiences, use of ableist slurs Before I had even heard the word “ableism,” I knew what it was. It was that pit in my stomach I got when meeting non-disabled people,…
Ellie speaks to camera.

DO-IT 2020 – Ellie

All students deserve to access campus independently, without relying on the kindness of others. Colleges, make your campus accessible!
Risa sits in front of a laptop.

DO-IT 2020 – Risa

If someone is falling asleep in class, it might not be because they were up all night. They might have a disorder like narcolepsy. Risa shares how support and accommodations help her be on a schedule that works for her.
Sam speaks to camera while seated in his wheelchair.

DO-IT 2020 – Samuel

People with disabilities should be able to go everywhere non-disabled people can go. Accessibility is important, in every country!
Alexis waves to camera from behind a Dungeons and Dragons folder.

DO-IT 2020 – Alexis

Roll for initiative! Dungeon Master Alexis shares how playing Dungeons and Dragons helped improve her social skills, and how it’s accessible to people of all abilities and disabilities.