Obama releases statement for Blind Americans Equality Day

President Barack Obama celebrated the accomplishment of people who are blind and visually impaired in a presidential proclamation October 15, in commemoration of Blind Americans Equality Day.

President Obama in a suit and tie with flags in the background
President Obama

“Generations of blind and visually impaired Americans have dedicated their passion and skills to enhancing our national life — leading as public servants, penning works of literature, lending their voice to music, and inspiring as champions of sport.,” Obama stated. “On Blind Americans Equality Day, we celebrate the achievements of blind and visually impaired Americans and reaffirm our commitment to advancing their complete social and economic integration.”

As part of his administration’s ongoing attempts to assist people with disabilities, he highlighted last year’s passage of the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, which created new technology accessibility regulations, as particularly beneficial to people who are blind or visually impaired.

He also highlighted the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act, signed into law January 1, which requires hybrid and electric cars manufacturers to add sounds to alert pedestrians whom are blind or visually impaired. In recent years, these vehicles have created new safety hazards for people who are deaf or visually impaired because they are particularly quiet, and therefore more likely to sneak up on individuals unable to see them approaching.

Congress created Blind Americans Equality Day, then known as White Cane Safety Day, through a joint resolution in 1964.

2 responses to “Obama releases statement for Blind Americans Equality Day

  1. Oh come on!!! Your comments are why people who are blind or visually impaired receive negative stigma from society. Of course we are equal everyday, but this is a day set aside to CELEBRATE our equality and contributions to society AS equals. You should feel honored! ADA and EOE already allow us to be equal 365 days a year. What Obama did by making a proclamation such as this was to recognize the blind community and offer time for celebration and recognition.

  2. Really? Blind Equality *DAY*?! So what are they the rest of the year? This is actually an insult. I don’t see Obama passing an “African-American Equality Day”… can you imagine the fire that would come from that? All Americans are equal ALL THE TIME, 365 days a year, period. It would behoove the federal government to spend its time and energies in upholding the Americans with Disabilities Act, keep funding Medicaid, weed out fraud, and making sure that people with disabilities get the help they need. This is an empty gesture from a group of ignorant able-bodies.

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