NY toughens penalties for non reporting

New York’s Office for People with Developmental Disabilities has reached a new agreement with state police to increase oversight of the state’s system of group homes for people with disabilities.

The agreement comes in response to an ongoing New York Times’ investigation into lax oversight in the state’s network of state-run and privately-run institutions and nursing homes. Under the agreement, the state said it will fire employees who fail to report abuse against people with disabilities to the police. The agreement also details a variety of instances of abuse where police must be notified, according to a New York Times article.

This is a photograph of the Capitol Building in Albany, New Your
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The New York Times’ investigation found that law enforcement officials were being notified of abuse of people with disabilities in group homes perhaps as low as five percent of the time.

The Office for Developmental Disabilities will also provide law enforcement with training for how to work with people with disabilities, name liaisons to local law enforcement agencies and work to improve reporting procedures.

“Government programs operate effectively and provide better services for taxpayers when they work together,” Cuomo said in a statement from August 17, adding that the agreement would “strengthen care and protections for individuals with developmental disabilities.”

Earlier this year, Cuomo ousted the former commissioner of the Office of Developmental Disabilities.

The most recent article in the New York Times’ series, from August 2, detailed the stories of multiple executives who have made millions as the heads of nonprofit group homes of people with disabilities in New York.


The photograph is of the Capitol Building in Albany, New York.