NCD releases new report on veterans’ disability claims


Lesson Title

NCD releases new report on veterans’ disability claims

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Two minutes and two seconds

Grade Level

High School & Above


The Department of Veterans Affairs, or the VA, recently made significant progress in reducing the backlog for veteran’s disability claims.  One of the VA’s goals for 2015 is to completely eliminate the claims backlog.  Since March of 2013, there has already been a significant decrease in disability claims.

Review Questions

How many years old are some of these backlogged disability claims?

About how many disability claims have been processed since March?

Free writing “Journal” Prompt

Why do you think that the VA has had difficulty keeping up with processing disability claims filed by United States Veterans?  What external factors (or cultural contexts) can you think of that might have been an influence?

Delays in processing these claims hinder the transition from military to civilian life. What conceivable problems might a person encounter due to these delays?

What about this report do you have questions about, or want to know more about?