National Council on Disability has three new members

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National Council on Disability

President Obama appointed three new members April 3 to the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency that provides recommendations to the federal government on disability related issues.The new members are Benro T. Ogunyipe, Dr. Katherine D. Seelman and Royal P. Walker Jr.

“The Council extends a warm welcome to our outstanding incoming members and to Janice Lehrer-Stein who returns for a second term,” NCD Chairperson Jeff Rosen said in a news release. “The depth and breadth of experience and knowledge they will bring to the Council’s existing work will prove invaluable in our collective quest to ensure the human, civil, and legal rights of Americans with disabilities across the nation.”

The NCD, founded in 1986, consists of 15 presidentially-appointed members.

Ogunyipe is a former president of National Black Deaf Advocates and has worked as an accessibility specialist for the Illinois Department of Human Services since 2004.

Seelman is a senior policy advisor at the National Science Foundation Quality of Life Technology Engineering Center. She has also worked as an associate dean and professor of rehabilitation sciences and technology at the University of Pittsburgh since 2001.

Walker has served since 2008 as the executive director of the University of Southern Mississippi’s Institute for Disability Studies.

Lehrer-Stein has served on the NCD since 2011 and is a former labor and employment discrimination litigator in Washington D.C. and San Francisco.