Mom adopts three-legged puppy to build daughter’s confidence

It is hard to know what to do or how to react when aspects of our lives do not fit into the boxes society tells us they should. One Australian mom, however, had the perfect reaction. When Brooke Hodgson’s daughter, Ella, was born without her left arm, Brooke decided to celebrate Ella by adopting another addition to their family – three-legged puppy Snowy. According to an article by, Brooke believes Snowy will help Ella to not feel alone. She stated that, “It’s going to be great for her [Ella] when she realizes she’s different or when she’s having a bad day, she will see the resemblance and know that she’s not alone.”

Ella and Snowy have quickly developed a close friendship and accompany each other everywhere. The duo even have a Facebook page documenting their companionship, The Escapades of Ella and Snowy, that includes descriptions of exciting events in their lives, such as going to the dog park and being contacted by Paralympian Jessica Smith. Brooke also stated that she knew Snowy would be a positive influence on Ella because, “They share the same age so they both have a long life of friendship ahead of them. I just know that Snowy is going to give her a confidence boost growing up.”

Brooke found Snowy when she saw the video below, which was posted on Facebook by the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.

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