Man to serve jail time for bullying girl with cerebral palsy

A municipal court judge on November 27 in Canton, Ohio ordered a man to serve behind bars who was caught on video mocking his neighbor’s 10-year old daughter, who walks with crutches due to her cerebral palsy.

With the girl watching, the video shows the man and his 9-year old daughter pretending to walk with a limp while crossing the street on the way home from the bus stop, according to an article in the Canton Repository.

The girl’s family, who had been fighting with the man for years, subsequently filed misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and aggravated menacing against him. The menacing charge is related to an incident earlier in the year when the man allegedly threatened to choke the girl’s mother with a chain.

“It’s unfortunate that it had to come to this,” the mother told the Repository, adding that the positive result of the incident was that it brought “recognition to the problem” of bullying.

The man plead guilty to the amended charges and apologized to the family. He will begin his 29-day jail sentence January 29 and pay a $400 fine.

The girl’s mother said the incident is having lasting effects on her daughter.

“She wants the blinds closed. She doesn’t want to be outside,” she told the Repository.

A video about the incident from FOX News can be seen here.