Lost and Forgotten

The video for this lesson contains time sensitive information. Developments in the project discussed in the video which occurred after the release date are not covered in the video or this curriculum. See “Follow-Up Assignments” below for a way of addressing this fact in your lesson plan.

Lesson Title

Lost and Forgotten

 Video title, link and release date

Lost and Forgotten, February 26, 2013

Video length

Six minutes and fifty-eight seconds

Grade level

High school

Video Summary

  • In January 2013, Disability Rights Washington (DRW) released Lost and Forgotten, a report shedding light on the treatment of people with disabilities in Washington State jails.
  • Due to insufficient space at hospitals and community centers, people with disabilities who commit minor crimes are often held in jails while they await their court-ordered mental health screenings.
  • The facilities and personnel at jails are not designed or trained to treat people with mental illnesses; inmates with disabilities are often isolated for 23-24 hours of the day with no proper toilet, clothing, or mental health treatment.
  • DRW suggests three steps to be taken to improve the situation:
      1. Divert individuals from jail.
      2. Improve jail conditions.
      3. Reduce recidivism.

Review Questions

In this report, what types of crimes generally lead to imprisonment?

What are some of the typical conditions for people with mental disabilities in Washington state jails?

Who is opposed to the changes that DRW proposes?

Free Writing Journal Prompt(s)

What about this report do you have questions about?

What environment do you think would be best for people with disabilities who are arrested for minor crimes: jails, hospitals, or community living centers? Explain.

What do you want to know more about?


Disability Rights Washington


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